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RUN-TEST company is a professional company specializing in the development and production of electric power testing equipment. Main Product: transformer test,  transformer oil test series, high voltage test series, safety product test series, cable fault location system, relay & microcomputer protection test, etc.

Firstly, we have many years experience in electric test area. We have done many power testing projects in China, such as Tianjin, Xinjiang and other places in China. it has also been highly recognized by the local. With completed management of production, scientific research and service Because of the successful experience of multiple projects. And have been sold in many countries and regions.

Second, diversified product equipment, provide you with a more convenient one-stop service. We not only supply one kind of testing equipment, you can find different types of electric test instrument, such as partial discharge tester, transformer tester, resistance tester, relay tester, oil tester and hipot tester, etc. So that to meet your needs for different testing equipment.

Third, CE Calibration certificate. Our insulation resistance tester , relay protection test kit, transformer turn ratio tester, transformer DC resistance tester, oil bdv tester and VLF tester are CE certified and meets the safety requirements stipulated by EU.

Fourth, customer feedback and praise. For example, one of our customer from Colombia said: “Top quality, also unique customer service, excellent packing, easy to use, fast machine, security during all process, constant communication behalf sales team and valuable engineering support if needed. Highly recommended”.


On the other hand, durable and sturdy wooden case packaging. Our electrical testing equipment will be packed in wooden box with foam inside. Ensure the safety of the transportation and give customers the best shopping experience. Here are the packing we used to shipping.

wooden box
test device package

Last, 24-hour online service and one-year warranty. We provide you with a strong after-sales best quality service. If you encounter problems during the use of the product, contact us, we will assist you in the first time.

In a word, While providing you with one-stop shopping, Run-Test company will provide quality products and services for you. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

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